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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I eliminate the back wall of the shower?

    Yes! If you would like to eliminate the back wall of the shower, you may simply leave it off. Please be aware that you will have some small screw holes visible. However, you can always patch them up with a bit of the vinyl glue that comes with your shower kit.

    Can I switch the shower opening around to the side instead of the front?

    Yes, you can position your shower opening at any side of the unit if that is your preference.

  • Most of our fences include joiner clips that allow you to install the panels next to each other at virtually any angle you desire. Please note that while the fence can be installed at different angles, each panel is a straight section that cannot be curved.

  • Yes, you may cut down your fence if you need it for a shorter application. Any saw (manual or motorized) with a fine tooth blade can be used. There are two considerations you need to be aware of:

    1. You cannot shorten more than the built-in posts will allow.
    2. The horizontal rails have end caps that are glued into the rail with a special PVC cement, so by cutting you will effectively be cutting these off. Although it will not affect the structural integrity of the fence, your end rails will become hollow. We currently do not stock additional end caps to fill the gap.

  • Our fencing is designed to be installed into the ground, but our All-American and Newport styles can be adapted to install on a surface by using our Surface Mounts. If you are looking for free-standing panels, the Portable Puppy Picket and the Lightweight Portable Vinyl Fence Kit are great options.


  • Yes, If your land is flat you can certainly push the fence all the way down so that the bottom rail is flush with the ground. If your land is more sloped you may have some issues laying the bottom rail flat to the ground, which is why we suggest leaving a couple inches between the bottom rail and the ground.

  • Our kits are prepackaged and sold in the way we have determined to be the best bang for your buck in shipping. As such, we do not sell single panels separately.

  • We recommend using an auger to assist in your installation. Check out this video for more help!

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  • Almost all products install without digging holes or pouring concrete
  • Crafted with premium, weather resistant maintenance-free vinyl
  • 10 year warranty on materials
  • Designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner to assemble and install


  • No painting, staining or maintaining
  • Assembles with relative ease
  • No tearing up the yard to install
  • Little or no dirt to clean up after installation